Do I need tosign up for an account?

Yes. In order to request an illustration or become an artist, you need to sign up.

When do youcharge my card?

Artisfy charges your card when an artist accepts your request. Once an artist accepts your project and starts working on it, you can no longer cancel the project or receive a refund.

How much doesit typically cost for a completed illustration?

Artists set their own rates and each project is different, so prices vary. Take a look at an artist’s profile before you request them. You can see how fast they tend to work and see examples of their completed projects, as well as how much each project ended up costing.

How long doesit typically take to get an illustration back from an artist?

The maximum allotted time for a request to be fulfilled is 8 days, but most artists will respond much sooner. Artists are encouraged to send assets within 4 days of accepting a request.

When areartists paid?

Artists are paid as soon as they deliver the assets for a request. We handle this manually for now, but we're working on making it automatic.

Why are someartists so expensive, while others aren’t?

Artists work at different rates and have different styles. Finding a talented artist is a challenging endeavor, but getting the right illustration for your project is usually worth it.

What happens ifan artist decides they don’t want to work with me any more?

If you want, you can select a different artist and continue the project with them. However, sometimes artists get sidetracked by a full time job or a different project. Try to be patient and wait a little while before messaging them again. This will give their schedule a chance to free up.

Do I have toallow you to post my artwork on Artisfy?

In order to showcase the work of artists on Artisfy, thumbnail versions of any illustration may be posted publicly on this site. This is an important feature that lets artists build a portfolio on the site and helps new customers choose the best artist for their projects.

However, if you are preparing a gift or you really need your illustration project to remain private, contact me and I'll do my best to accomodate you.

If I purchasean illustration, do I own exclusive rights to it?

You can use the illustration you purchased however you want. However, artists are permitted to use the full illustration as part of their online and offline portfolios — and Artisfy is allowed to use thumbnail versions of these illustrations (no larger than a width and height of 640px) in order to showcase an artist’s work.

I really likethis service, how can I support it?

Use Artisfy to create an illustration for your project! (And then tell people about how awesome it is.)