How it works

1. Client picks an artist

Mr. London, who works for a digital magazine, comes to Artisfy to find an illustration for his magazine's monthly feature.

He finds an artist, Mae Waters, whose style he likes.

2. Client sends the artist an idea for an illustration

Mr. London chose Mae Waters because she's good at incorporating nuance and figurative imagery into her illustrations.

He's purposefully vague in his description of the illustration because he wants Mae to come up with something unique. He pays her hourly fee in advance and sends her a few ideas.

3. Artist accepts project and starts working

Mae likes the idea for the project and spend some time thinking up creative ways to express the ideas Mr. London sent her.

She includes some brainstorming time (about 20 minutes) as part of her alloted time for this version of the illustration. She sends a rough sketch after working on it for the remaining time (40 minutes).

4. Client responds and chooses to upgrade the illustration

Mr. London loves Mae's idea, but wants to see it in more detail. He also has a few suggestions that he sends along with another payment.

This second payment gives Mae another hour to develop the sketch.

5. Artist improves the sketch, following suggestions

Mae improves the sketch into a more detailed line drawing, following Mr. London's suggestions.

Afterwards, she sends him her progress, as well as a short message detailing how she envisions the next version will look.

6. Client continues to send requests until it's complete

Mr. London offers small suggestions as the project evolves and enjoys the conversations that develop as the illustration becomes more and more refined.

He purchases a total of 8 consecutive versions of the illustration before he's completely satisfied. The whole process takes a little more than a month.